The So Cupcake Story


It all started with a wish…..


So Cupcake was born through a passionate combination of inspiration, love, and a never-ending craving for something sweet. Our daughter Celina, who lives with cerebral palsy, is full of life, love, laughter, and an exquisite appetite. She was granted a wish from the Make-a-Wish Foundation in the summer of 2007 to fly to New York City and taste the best the city had to offer. Celina was a guest on the celebrated “Emeril” cooking show. As a family, we had a life changing trip and ate cupcakes too! The spark of So Cupcake was ignited!

When we returned home, we began to create our own delicious cupcake recipes that soon became the foundation of So Cupcake. In February 2008, we opened So Cupcake in honor of Celina.


Where Celina lacks in mobility, she excels in her incredible imagination. Her undaunted courage set in motion our sweet endeavor. All that we are and all that we feel is part of each cupcake we bake. Every recipe is home-made, home-tested, and flavored with the finest natural ingredients.


We want So Cupcake to be “So You!” There are no limits to our abilities and our inventiveness, except the ones we place on ourselves. We feel no limitations. Come and celebrate with us life’s many beautiful occasions and endless possibilities!


Thank you Celina and thanks to all of you!


Love, the So Cupcake Family